Frequently Asked Questions

I have a Groupon and I can't sign in online for classes, what do I do?

You need to come to the studio and redeem your voucher before the first class you wish to attend. After we redeem your voucher and enter you into our MindBody system, you will be able to sign in for the rest of your classes online.

I have never been to The Yoga Fusion before for a class, do I need to sign up online or preregister in anyway for my first class?

While it is helpful to purchase classes or to preregister for your very first class at The Yoga Fusion, it is not necessary to do so. Simply show up for your first selected class at least 10 minutes early and the teacher will greet you and have you fill out a brief new student form and will explain the various options for payment for your first class.

Do I have to purchase a series of classes, or an extended package to attend my first class and try out your studio?

It is not necessary to purchase a series of classes, or an extended package to attend a single class, nor is there any obligation to do so. A single class drop in may be purchased; it is always your choice and your option how to pay - there are never, ever any high-pressure sales tactics directed at students. We courteously describe your options, in a low-key and very friendly fashion, and you decide.

What is the best way to purchase classes for a brand new student to The Yoga Fusion?

A great way to get to know The Yoga Fusion is with our 1 Month Unlimited Yoga series for only $29 for new students to The Yoga Fusion. 1 full month to try all the classes and teachers that your heart desires and find the best of both for building an ongoing practice and finding a yoga home. By definition, a new student to The Yoga Fusion is one who has never attended any prior classes at our studio nor purchased any prior class or series of classes, including a Groupon offer. "Unlimited yoga" means up to one class per day from our regular schedule of weekly classes, not including Prenatal, Postnatal (Mommy & Me) or Yoga for Kids classes.

Do you have the props I need for my practice?

Yes, we sure do. We have a full compliment of mats, blocks, straps, bolsters and all other props necessary to support your practice, at no charge.

What are the best classes for newcomers to yoga or those wishing to return to their practice after a long layoff?

Without a doubt, the optimal class for brand newcomers to The Yoga Fusion is our "Yoga for Beginners" class with Yoga Fusion Founder Greg Riley on Tuesday nights at 7:15pm. In addition, all of the 7:15pm classes, Monday through Thursday are best for beginners and those wishing to build their practice in a safe and accessible fashion.

Are your Prenatal or Yoga for Kids classes covered in the various unlimited yoga packages you offer?

No, they are not. Prenatal and Postnatal (Mommy & Me) Yoga and Yoga for Kids classes are considered "specialty" classes and have separate purchase packages.

Does The Yoga Fusion have showers, lockers, and towels?

No, The Yoga Fusion is strictly a yoga teaching facility. We have ample and safe storage for your personal goods and a changing room if needed.