Meet Greg Riley

Yoga Fusion Co-Founder

I began my yoga journey at age 18, hoping to find a practice that would tap the power that I knew was inside me, with minimal results. Although I gained worldly success and material excess over the years, I was empty and demoralized on the inside and physically frozen on the outside. Desperation led to a complete surrender from which I was graced with a system of yogic and spiritual principles that set me on the path of healing and regeneration. My purpose in life is to carry these healing principles and activities to others who seek to evolve and find their true place in life.

I am a graduate of two comprehensive Yoga teacher training programs: the Diablo Yoga Center teacher training program under the tutelage of Lauren Davis and Molly Fox and the Shadow Yoga teacher training program directed by Mark Horner. I am also a graduate of the Avalon School of Massage in Walnut Creek.