Best of the East Bay Intro to Yoga 8-Week Beginner's Series - $39

Featuring 3 Yoga Fusion Teachers in Rotation

A Series of 8 Consecutive Tuesdays, 7:15pm - 8:30pm

The Yoga Fusion now offers a one of a kind Yoga for Beginners Series for new students. This series includes 8 consecutive Tuesday night classes with 3 different Yoga Fusion Best of East Bay teachers, each teacher bringing an introductory version of their style of teaching specifically designed for beginners. This unique series, the only one of its kind in the Bay Area, offers new students the opportunity to be introduced to several of the most popular and dynamic ways to practice, helping all new students clarify the type and style of Yoga practice that works for them to accomplish their personal goals and objectives.

The modern world of Yoga can be a bewildering and intimidating prospect for someone considering the practice for the first time. Let these 3 excellent, expert, and compassionate Yoga Fusion teachers introduce you gently and safely to the path of Yoga that's right for you. Over a 8 week period, you'll be introduced to the following fundamental styles of Yoga:

  • Core Strength Yoga
  • Yin Yoga for joint health and restoration
  • Restorative Yoga for healing and serenity
  • Gentle Flow Yoga for rhythm, balance, and coordination
  • Yoga with Yoga Therapy Balls and rollers for structural alignment and integration
  • Stretch and Release Yoga - Using Yoga props and modifications to recover lost range of motion
  • The Mindfulness of Yoga - beginning to incorporate Meditation into your practice
  • To be truly introduced to Yoga, an individual has to be exposed to its spectrum of possibilities and philosophies to find what is optimal for their interest, ability, and disposition. If you are new to Yoga and genuinely want to find out if Yoga is for you and how you can receive the greatest benefit of practice, give yourself the greatest possible opportunity to find the style of Yoga that works for you. You will learn from and enjoy every week of this 8-week series and be inspired to follow the teachers and teaching that brings the healing, well-being, and serenity you are looking for.

    The cost of the Yoga Fusion 8 Week Yoga for Beginner Series is only $39, an unprecedented value that will pay many times over in understanding and clarity for new students to Yoga. The $39 fee allows the new student to attend 8 consecutive Tuesday night 8:15pm Yoga for Beginner classes, beginning on the Tuesday night of their convenience, and over the following 8 week period experience a specifically tailored introductory class taught by 3 different expert Yoga Fusion teachers. Let the Best of the East Bay Yoga Fusion staff introduce you to the world of Yoga in a safe, fun, accessible, and fascinating fashion, unlike any other Yoga for Beginners series taught anywhere else!

    Finally, and maybe best of all, during the 8 classes of this series, each different Yoga Fusion teacher will offer you a "First Class Free" coupon for attending their regular weekly scheduled class(es) on The Yoga Fusion schedule, allowing you to branch out and expand your practice with your new favorite Yoga Fusion teachers. In addition, at the conclusion of your 8 week Yoga for Beginners Intro series, you will be given a coupon for a significant discount on the Yoga Fusion class series of your choice to establish and continue your practice at the studio, making the Yoga Fusion 8 week Yoga for Beginners Series by far the Best in the East Bay Introductory Series for the newcomer to Yoga.

    The fine print: This Yoga for Beginners Series is for newcomers only, those who have not yet attended a class at The Yoga Fusion and it may not be repeated. The exceptional value of the $39 fee covers 8 consecutive Tuesdays nights and may not be postponed or extended for any reason or circumstance once the first class is attended. Missed classes within the 8 week time period may not be made up at a later date. No partial refunds or credit for missed classes. If you miss a class, by all means, certainly attend all of the other classes in your 8 week time frame, each class is "stand alone" in its accessibility, structure, and value to your Yoga experience and understanding. Purchase of this series does not afford attendance in other classes on the Yoga Fusion Schedule, but if you are a newcomer and have not attended classes before at the Yoga Fusion, you may combine this purchase with a First Month Unlimited Series for $39 as well.