Introduction to Yoga - Beginner Class

with Yoga Fusion Founder Greg Riley

Tuesdays, 7:15pm - 8:30pm

The most frequently asked question by newcomers to The Yoga Fusion: "Do you have an ideal class for beginners? I need help starting my practice!"

We have heard your call and we are pleased to offer the perfect class for those new to Yoga or those wishing to build a solid and progressive foundation for a lifetime practice of Yoga. Welcome to the "Yoga for Beginners" class with Yoga Fusion founder Greg Riley on Tuesday nights at 7:15pm. We've specially crafted this new class with newcomers in mind and highly recommend this weekly class for all new students, especially those trying The Yoga Fusion on a First Month Unlimited series for $29 or a Groupon promotion.

This ongoing Tuesday night series features the finest possible instruction for newcomers with Yoga for Beginners teacher Greg Riley. Take full advantage of this exceptional opportunity to benefit from Greg's longtime practice of Yoga and his extensive teaching experience as he skillfully guides you step-by-step in building a functional practice of Yoga in a safe, practical, and non-judgmental fashion while having a great time in the process.

Yoga is transformational for body, mind, and spirit when learned under the guidance of a skilled and experienced teacher. There is no better opportunity for newcomers to Yoga to build an effective lifelong practice than under the care of Yoga Fusion founder Greg Riley in his Tuesday Night Beginners Class at 7:15pm.